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Our values


We don't negotiate on quality. Software must deliver more value with time and not be a source of increasing pain and cost.


Successful software projects are a result of productive partnerships. Collaboration is at the heart of our development practices.


Software development is not just a job for us. It's our passion. We are proud of our work and we are constantly improving.

What we do


Our team of dedicated software craftsmen can help bring your ideas to life.


We provide specialist advice to help you start a new project, improve the quality of your software, and nurture productive and vibrant teams.


We run public and private training courses to help you master XP practices and build well crafted software.


We love to share what we know and are proud organisers of the London Software Craftsmanship Community.


Check out the book from our co-founder Sandro Mancuso

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My first month as an apprentice

My first month as an apprentice

About a month ago, I started my apprenticeship at Codurance. I have learned a lot already in these few weeks, and I want to share some of it. A little...

CQRS and Event Sourcing for dummies

CQRS and Event Sourcing for dummies

CQRS (Command and Query Responsibility Segregation) and Event Sourcing are concepts that are not new at all. Alongside NoSql, Functional Programming and Microservices, these revival concepts are getting traction because...

Learning from our failures

Learning from our failures

On my second day at Codurance, I managed to delete the repository with Codurance's GitHub Pages on it. This made the website unavailable for the first time in a long...