Bowling Kata in Kotlin

Screencast - Bowling Kata in Kotlin

Sergio Rodrigo implements the Bowling Game kata in Kotlin using TDD, showing some of the features of the language, such as support for Functional Programming (Higher Order Functions, Lambdas and built-in functions), Pattern Matching, Extension Functions, Expression Bodies, and method names as free text. The kata is performed in a way that shows the expressiveness of Kotlin.

The Kotlin plugin for IntelliJ is used to show the IDE support for the language, using live templates and performing small automatic refactorings.

The code used in this video can be found on GitHub

About the author

Sergio Rodrigo Royo

Software developer interested in Functional Programming and Domain Driven Design. He has worked building web and mobile applications in two different countries.

Sergio loves to try different flavours of programming. He has worked mainly with Java, but has recently discovered Scala and Kotlin and developed a big interest in functional languages such as Haskell. He believes in working with different technologies as a way to improve his programming skills.

Sergio embraces TDD and Simple Design in order to build clean and maintainable code.