Mouseless programming part II

Screencast - Mouseless Programming, Part II

This is the second video of the Mouseless Programming screencast. A simple leap year kata is performed, using TDD process, File and Live templates, and some automatic refactoring tools.

Only keyboard was used for programming in this video.

This video is a part of the blog post Mouseless Programming.

About the author

Tomaz is a member of London Software Craftsmanship Community, and an advocate of eXtreme Programming and Agile methodologies. Tomaz has over 18 years of experience as a software professional. During his career, he has developed and managed software solutions for many sectors including: banks, hedge funds, clinical biophysics, pharmacy, digital media agencies, government institutions, and NGOs. He works closely with: the business users—creating and refining the product backlog, the development team—helping create and operate a quality product, the individual developers—learning and mentoring to become more effective. Tomaz started his career with Java moving to .NET. He has recently developed an interest in Javascript and CSS.