Building microservices with AWS Lambdas

Created by Mashooq Badar

Do you want to understand how to build microservices without the pain? This course will give you the the theory and motivations behind microservices and hands-on experience in building them using the AWS server-less architecture.

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Course Duration

2 days

Why Attend?

  • Understand what kind of problems microservices based architecture is trying to solve and the challenges it presents.
  • Understand AWS products for building microservices.
  • Learn how to build and deploy you microservices using the AWS serverless architecture.


  • What problems are microservices trying to solve?
  • Microservices best practices.
  • Anatomy and limitations of an AWS Lambda.
  • Build a microservice with AWS Lambda, API Gateway and Dynamo DB.
  • Deploy your microservice on the AWS infra from the command-line.
  • Securing your microservice.
  • Building the REST endpoints using API Gateway and AWS Lambda.


  • Developers and Teams interested in:
    • the Devops culture and microservices.
    • practical usage of the AWS serverless architecture.


  • Bring your own laptop.
  • Linux VM installed if working from a windows laptop.
  • Be proficient with a JVM language (Java, Clojure, Scala or Groovy), Node.js or Python.

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