Zero to Continuous Delivery with Docker

Created by Robert Firek

Are you a developer looking to foster a DevOps culture at your workplace? This course will take attendees right from the basics of containers and tools like Docker, all the way up to clustered infrastructures supporting continuous deployment, horizontal scalability and zero downtime. The course will be hands-on and attendees will be building their own solutions on AWS.

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Course Duration

2 days

Why Attend?

  • Understand the principles underpinning containers and tools like Docker
  • Learn how to build and monitor your own continuous delivery pipeline
  • Set up and deploy to your own remotely hosted container cluster


  • Introduction to Docker and the Docker CLI
  • Build, run and publish your own Docker images
  • Deploy containers to a remote server
  • Set up a continuous delivery pipeline:
    • Automate build and deployment as part of your continuous integration process using TeamCity
    • Establish healthchecks for your services using Nagios
    • Implement a service discovery solution using tools like Consul and Nginx
  • Set up a cluster of Docker daemons using Docker Swarm
  • Explore techniques and strategies for achieving zero downtime


  • Individuals or teams of developers:
    • Looking to build a DevOps culture at their workplace
    • Interested in learning about tools like Docker
    • Wanting to implement continuous delivery pipelines
  • Some experience with a Unix shell will be helpful, but is not required
  • No experience in a particular language is required


Developers must:

  • Bring their own laptops
  • Able to login over SSH to machines created in AWS
  • Install Git beforehand (you'll be cloning sample code from our GitHub repository)
  • Be proficient with their text editor of choice

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