Crafting Swift Mobile Apps

Created by Ana Nogal

For experienced mobile developers that want to build reliable apps. Learn how to TDD your app using the Outside-in approach.

This course is also available in Spanish.

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Course Duration

2 days

Why attend?

  • Learn how SOLID principles and TDD can help you add new features to your code base with less effort.
  • Use TDD as a design tool, applying Outside-In TDD
  • Learn how VIPER architecture can help you to:
    • organize your code
    • have a good separation of concerns
    • keep your design clean as your application grows


  • TDD lifecycle and the 2 approaches of TDD: Classic and Outside-in
  • Writing unit tests
  • Protocols in Swift: how they can help you moking your objects
  • Introduction to VIPER Architecture.
  • Test drive the Weather app
  • Add a new feature to the app


iOS developers that:

  • Understand Swift
  • Can write and execute unit tests using XCTests
  • Have a basic understanding of mock objects
  • Are beginners at TDD


Developers must:

  • Bring their own laptops
  • Have a development environment consisting of:
    • Xcode
    • Simulator of at least an iPhone 5
  • Be able to create projects, build source code and run test cases in their development environment

In addition, a distributed version control system such as Git is desirable.

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