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Sandro Mancuso 3 days

Crafting Code
& Crafted Design

This training series is designed to enhance your team's skill set around creating expertly written code and well-crafted design. This will allow changes within your organisation to be carried out faster and more sustainably.

2 days

Introduction to
Functional Programming

This course teaches your teams the basics of functional programming. We will explore the fundamentals of the functional paradigm in a series of hands-on exercises, which will provide a starting point for your journey into functional programming.

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2 days

Microservices with
AWS Lambdas

This course teaches your software delivery teams how to build and deploy microservices using AWS serverless architecture.

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2 days

Serverless Architecture
Using AWS

This course teaches your teams how to build web applications using AWS serverless architecture. Teams can release fully scalable and secure web apps with ease.

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2 days

Enterprise Application

This course teaches software delivery teams how to build an enterprise system using industry leading techniques.

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