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Recognised industry leaders in driving continuous delivery through quality practices and expertise.

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We are recognised Software Modernisation experts

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We advise, we coach, we deliver

We are Software Craftsmanship pioneers. We are known for our expertise in XP Practices, Continuous Delivery, Software Architecture, Cloud Solutions and Infrastructure Engineering. We leverage our expertise to deliver a compelling service for our clients.

We advise on creating an effective software delivery capability.

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We coach software design and delivery skills.

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We deliver quality software solutions.

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Our Expertise

Our offerings and expertise are based on a solid core of Software Craftmanship values, XP Practices, a Devops culture, and Agile Processes.

Bespoke Software

  • Quality Product Development
  • Enterprise Systems Engineering
  • Fast Prototyping

Continuous Delivery

  • Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Pragmatic Testing Strategy
  • Frequent Low Risk Deployments

Software Modernisation

  • Monolith to Microservices
  • Reviving EOL to Strategic
  • Migration from Legacy

Cloud Engineering

  • Migration to Cloud
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Infrastructure as Code

UX Design

  • Lean UX Development
  • UX Research
  • UI Design


  • Clean Code and Refactoring
  • Cloud Deployment Strategies
  • Software Design and Testing

We advise

High-level Consulting

When your software is not evolving with your business, the root causes are often complex. Effective software delivery requires product strategy, team organisation, software process, software architecture, and software practices to align. Our experts will help you to identify these causes and create a plan on how to improve.

Technical Vision and Architecture Review

Whether you're managing a monolithic legacy system in production or at the early stages of designing your new product, we will help you review your architecture against your product and technology vision, so that it fits your present and future needs.

Discovery Phase

You have a particular area in mind for technology improvement and you’re looking for a partner but don’t necessarily know what to focus on. We will help you focus your efforts with a series of tailor made workshops to create a plan for improvements.

We coach

We help teams in any phase of a project where they may benefit from focused training.

Our training courses help teams get better at XP practices, Continuous Integration and Development, Domain Driven Design, Clean Code and SOLID principles, Behaviour Driven Development and many other technical practices.

  • Crafting code
  • Serverless Architecture using AWS
  • And more...
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We coach

We deliver

Feature Delivery Teams

Our teams are experts in XP practices and Continuous Delivery while maintaining a DevOps culture. Whether you have an existing product or starting anew, our teams will ensure that we help you deliver quality features, in time, to meet your business objectives. Our work will serve as an exemplar for your future development effort.

Technical Delivery Teams

Your continuous delivery pipeline needs some improvements, you want zero downtime deployment, you need infrastructure for A/B testing, or you need to get through the most challenging aspects of going from monolith to microservices. Our Technical Delivery Team will take care of this for you so you can concentrate on building features to meet your business demand.


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We are software craftspeople. We build well-crafted software for our clients, we help developers to get better at their craft through training, coaching and mentoring, and we help companies get better at delivering software.

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