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We understand that everyone is different and will tailor our approach according to the needs of your business and organisation. We will help you build well-crafted software that is relevant to your needs. We provide teams to create valuable, in-time, and quality software, expert advice to fast-track your initiatives, and training and coaching to better equip your developers with the right skills and attitudes.

We can help with ...

Software creation

Embedded Craftspeople

Our craftspeople can enhance your teams to provide expertise in specific technologies. They can also form the core of your teams to help you instil XP practices and Software Craftsmanship values from the outset.

Self-contained Teams

We will provide fully functional teams to help you deliver your project in the most effective and timely manner. Our craftspeople cover all the roles required for an agile software development team. We have experts in UX and UI design, Mobile, Front End and Back End Development, DevOps and Testing.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

We will help you tailor a Continuous Delivery Pipeline so that your software is responsive to your needs. We are experts in technologies that are enablers for Continuous Delivery. We appreciate how the development team and business need to be aligned to realise the full potential of this approach.

UX & UI Design

We have expertise in designing user experiences. We understand how this effort fits best in an Agile Software Development environment. We will help you build the brand identity and create UX and UI designs as part of your software development effort.

Expert Advice

Enterprise Architecture

We will review and help create an approach to evolve your architecture towards an agreed vision. We have deep knowledge and experience in cloud technologies and enterprise architectures, including Domain Driven Design, Microservices, Event Sourcing and Serverless Architectures.

Continuous Delivery

We are experts in creating continuous delivery pipelines. We understand that it is not only a technical challenge but also an organisational one. We help our clients evolve their approach towards continuous delivery - aligning their business, teams and technology.

Extreme Programming (XP) Practices

XP practices are core to everyone at Codurance. We love to coach and mentor our clients in adopting them. We advise on how to adopt XP practices and Software Craftsmanship values to bring about positive change in software development teams.

Training & Coaching

Software Development Practices

We offer training to help developers adopt practices such as Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and Release Automation. We can also customise our trainings according to the needs of your team. See our courses ...

Software Architecture and Cloud

We will review your current solution and provide training on architecture and technologies specific to your project. For example, we can train your team to evolve your system towards a Microservices based approach utilising the most suitable offerings from AWS. See our courses ...


We provide training in creating well-crafted solutions using Java, C#, JavaScript, Swift, Scala, Clojure, F#, and Objective C. We also provide training in: Building continuous delivery pipelines, Git, Team City, Docker, and AWS and Azure specific technolgies. See our courses ...

Coaching & Mentoring

We have successfully delivered customised Software Craftsmanship coaching and mentoring programmes at a large scale. Our craftspeople will tailor and deliver the coaching programme according to the needs of the team.

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Software is our passion.

We are software craftspeople. We build well-crafted software for our clients, we help developers to get better at their craft through training, coaching and mentoring, and we help companies get better at delivering software.

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