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Steve Lydford

Steve is a Software Craftsman and author with over 18 years professional experience. He first discovered his passion for code at the age of seven, when his father brought home a Sinclair Spectrum and a portable black and white television. The countless hours spent typing in listings from Sinclair User magazine sparked an enthusiasm for programming that has stayed with him for life.

During his career, Steve has worked on projects in a wide variety of sectors including retail e-commerce, finance, education, media, government and healthcare, developing large-scale, resilient, distributed systems on an assortment of platforms. He currently specialises in solutions built on the Microsoft .Net stack, with a particular interest in cloud computing using the Microsoft Azure platform.

Steve is a pragmatic problem solver with a focus on the delivery of high-quality, robust and maintainable code. He is a passionate advocate of continuous improvement, both for software and software developers and believes that the future success of the software industry relies on the sharing of knowledge gained through experience.

He is a member of the Microsoft Azure Advisor's Group and the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC).


Becoming Evergreen

“It is only when the cold season comes that we know the Pine and Cypress to be evergreens.” - Chinese Proverb Over the last few months I have spoken to a number of developers and teams who are making changes to their development and delivery...

Cloud Application Design Considerations

Cloud Application Design Considerations When designing applications for the cloud, irrespective of the chosen platform, I have often found it useful to consider four specific topics during my initial discussions; scalability, availability, manageability and feasibility. It is important to remember that the items presented under...

Working with SLAs

If you spend any time designing applications which use third-party platforms and services, you will have spent time considering Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The tl;dr part of any SLA, the bit the everyone is actually interested in, is the uptime guarantee. However, this seemingly simple...

Creating a local NuGet repository for offline development

I spend several hours each week on long-distance train journeys and often use the time to code, whether on a pet project or practising a kata or two. Large parts of this journey have patchy-at-best mobile data coverage, so tools with a reliance on a...