Solange U. Gasengayire

With a passion for lifelong learning, Solange is always seeking out opportunities to expand her knowledge across a wide variety of fields. She fell in love with software development in her university years, when she realised how computer science concepts could be applied and utilised to solve real world problems in so many other different industries, like education and healthcare particularly.

Although she has an extensive experience as a Java professional and team lead, her will to contribute to large-scale, well-crafted, open-source projects unearthed a strong desire for continuous betterment alongside the best Software Craftspeople and mentors. It is with a multicultural background, a creative drive and a commitment to learning that she joins Codurance as a craftswoman.

Outside of work, Solange is involved in initiatives that promote affordable education opportunities for all. She loves people, trees, coffee, books, music, travelling, and enjoys all kinds of sports activities.


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