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Luciano Palma

Luciano is a software developer whose mind is full of curiosity about the world and the people living in it.

He likes Functional and Object-Oriented Programming, but is also looking forward to learn other programming paradigms in order to improve his skills and his contribution to the software community.

Believing that software is about people, Luciano enjoys reading books on a variety of topics, giving him a better understanding about the world, society, and changing the way he approaches software.

He also loves coffee and spending time in the outdoors.


Legacy Coderetreat - Overcoming challenges together

Introduction We recently hosted our very first Legacy Coderetreat here at Codurance London. The event was organised by Cyryl Płotnicki and Robert Firek, with Daniel and myself helping and participating throughout the day. We had a very good number of attendees, especially given the fact...

An Interface Between The Natural And The Artificial

Everything built by humans is meant to work within a proper environment. Herbert A. Simon, in his book The Sciences of the Artificial, defines things that are created or manipulated by humans as artificial systems. These systems are composed of an inner environment and they...

The role of analogies in the software industry

Analogies play an important role in our lives. They help us understand concepts and situations by mapping what we are already familiar with to the objects we want to be familiarised. We construct analogies all the time, often not even noticing their presence, as if...