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Jorge Gueorguiev Garcia

Although he started early (with QuickBasic and Turbo Pascal), took him a while to center into the developer way of living. Nonetheless, he has more than 10 years experience as software developer at different levels. His main experience is around C# and .Net, but has a keen interest in other languages, especially around functional programming.

In his experience two maxims have been revealed, Simple is Beautiful and Make Everyone's Life Easy. Because of them, his personal goal is to improve the experience of fellow developers (which always translates to happy customers)

Outside of work, you can find him either playing online or dancing away, or just improving his craft (that is the way of the developer).


Katas For Functional Calisthenics

The Setup While working on katas to test the functional calisthenics I realized that some of the rules were not going to be covered by the rules for the katas that I had choosen. Therefore, some additional rules/premises/requirements to the katas were needed. Here I...

Functional Calisthenics

The Setup While working on a Clojure application that was for production, rather than being an exercise, I saw that I was using OO programming with the syntax of Clojure. I was having problems coming back to change code that I have done not long...