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Giulia Mantuano

Giulia has worked as a design consultant and art director in an integrated communications agency for more than ten years, developing both the design talent and business knowledge necessary for creating meaningful holistic brand experiences.

Giulia joined Codurance driven by the desire to apply the Software Craftsmanship mindset and values to the whole product and service design process.

She is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner with a strong focus on the present and the future of a product, backed up by her Integrated Design background and the mastery of User Experience Design skills.

Aiming to bridge stakeholders and development teams, she facilitates their collaboration in designing solutions that balance business needs, technical feasibility and user expectations, with tools like Impact Mapping and User Story Mapping.

She believes in continuous learning, and her current interest is Product Strategy and User Experience Design for Conversational Interfaces and Internet of Things technologies.


Learning Specification By Example from Gojko Adzic

I recently had the pleasure to attend Gojko Adzic’s “Specification by Example: From User Stories to Acceptance Test" training course … taught by Gojko himself! Having read his brilliant books: “Bridging the Communication Gap” and “Specification by Example. How successful teams deliver the right Software”,...

The 4 key elements of conversation

Conversational Interfaces is a term often used to define systems that hold "human-like" conversations, examples include; Chatbots, Voice User Interfaces, and Embodied Conversational Agents. The user interacts with these using text input, voice recognition, and gestures. These types of interfaces are often unable to provide...

Visualise interruptions on a LEGO Wall

I had the privilege to attend the Certified Scrum Product Owner course at Skills Matter. During the two-day course, I learnt many techniques to deliver value efficiently, and I am going to share a less widely known tool to help teams visualise interruptions. Keeping track...

Chinese whispers on Scrum roles

Few days ago, I attended the 2-day Martine Devos' Certified Scrum Master, Estimation & Planning Class at Skills Matter. I had the privilege of meeting and learning from Martine Devos, one of the best Scrum trainer in Europe. This also gave me the opportunity to...

Improve team's communication with User Stories

The challenge of Software development is about building a product which fulfills both business and users' expectations. The focus for each role within an Agile team is different: Project Managers want to see progress and want a quality product that is delivered on time and...

Why SoCraTes UK is not just a conference for Software Craftsmen.

Last Friday, I attended the international Software Craftsmanship and Testing conference at the enchanting Wotton House, in Dorking. I was the only Designer among about 100 Developers. Honestly, I was feeling a little bit out of my element when I arrived, but I knew that...