David Hatanian

David is a software developer with 5 years of experience. From an initial background in information systems security, he moved to the Java development world. He more recently developed an interest in Javascript and Scala.

Before coming to London, David worked in Morocco, India and Vietnam.

David believes in simplicity as a core principle for any development project, and in constantly learning and improving.


What I wish I knew when I started as a software developer

Having worked in the software engineering field for 6 years, I sometimes pause and consider how much I have learned since I started my career. One thing that strikes me is how many things I would want to tell just-out-of-college me if I had the...

Isolating integration tests and mocking dependencies with Spring Boot

Integration tests can be slow and unreliable because they depend on too many components in the system. Up to a certain point, this is unavoidable: integration tests are here to validate how each part of your system plays with other internal or external components. We...

Configuring an enterprise app sucks

There has been quite a lot of discussion over the last years about how configuration should be managed as code, be it software settings or infrastructure configuration: For infrastructure, all the cool kids now use Docker, Vagrant or some other tool that allows you to...