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Dan Cohen

Dan first started coding with the wave of independant game developers on Newgrounds in the early 2000s. A big lover of hackathons and startup culture, he loves to build and experiment with code.

He is a huge fan of open source software and believes deeply in a culture of sharing and openness, in software and in life.

With three years of experience working in the .NET ecosystem, he knows he has a lot to learn and is keen to keep pushing forwards, digging deeper and understanding more.


Setting up IntelliJ for Rust

This post is a part of the upcoming codurance series on different ways of setting up your Rust development environment. This time it's IntelliJ. Why IntelliJ? There are lots of good options for Rust development. The classics are perhaps CLion and vim/emacs. IntelliJ has one...

Tetris AI, Experiments 1 & 2: Single Parent Evolutionary Algorithm

Abstract (why not make it formal) In this experiment, I implement an evolutionary algorithm with no crossover to evolve a neural network with the intention of having it learn to play tetris. I assess the results of my evolutionary algorithm applied to learning tetris. The...