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Alessandro Di Gioia

Alessandro started his career over 15 years ago and has worked for a variety of companies ranging from small start ups to large enterprises. His professional life changed around 10 years ago when he came across Agile methodologies, specially eXtreme Programming.

He likes concise, expressive, and readable code as well as making existing solutions better when needed.

He is always trying to learn better ways of developing software, being in a Object-Oriented or Functional style. His favourite programming languages at the moment are C#, F# and JavaScript.

Although he considers himself a learner he likes to share his experience with others, never compromising on quality.


Functional Programming and Reactive Architecture Part 2

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Functional Programming and Reactive Architecture Part 1

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Property based testing

Background Craftsmanship in software strives for high, predictable, repeatable and affordable quality. This is the reason why we care about design, code reviews and of course testing. Test Driven Development helps us create a flexible implementation that meets the expectations of our clients in terms...