Teal Organisation: A living Example

Sandro Mancuso

Teal Organisation: A living Example

  • 12 Sep 2016 - 13 Sep 2016
  • Featuring Sandro Mancuso
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  • SwanseaCon 2016, Swansea, United Kingdom
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Most organisational models are broken and very few employees can say they are empowered and trusted to do their jobs. Most professionals today want far more than a job—they want to develop their careers, be part of the decision making, and have the power to reshape the organisation they work for, and most importantly, enjoy their work. In this talk Sandro will explain what Teal Organisations are and will describe some of the advantages and challenges of being part of a self-organised and self-managed company. He will be covering topics that include: complete flat structure, decentralised decision making, open financials, open salaries, recruitment, initiative circles, and cultural fit.


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