The Codurance team lead was the 'go to' person of the development team. I heard nothing but praise and admiration of her technical knowledge, code quality and professionalism. She'd be welcome in any team of mine any day.

Development Manager at Tesco

About Tesco

Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. With revenues of over £54 billion and with close to 7,000 stores worldwide, Tesco has established itself as the fifth-largest retailer globally and as the market leader in the UK.

The Challenge

Tesco’s Supply Chain division were forecasting product demand on a legacy mainframe application. Changes were made to the forecasts using external tools (for instance, spreadsheets), which was having a negative impact on the business ability to trace irregularities. Without improvements to the existing application, the business was constrained in its ability to run discounted campaigns and special offers to its store customers.

Tesco wanted to build a new API that would help to solve this problem and to raise code quality within the existing development team. We were invited to work on this project based on our previous work at Tesco.

Our Software Craftmanship Approach

With two of our Software Craftspeople leading their existing team, we built the new API from the ground up. Worked in conjunction with the development team in Bangalore (India), we created a webapp that would help demand planners to order the right amount of product from suppliers. This webapp was connected to the legacy database through the new custom API.

In addition to the functional work, we also set up a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and infrastructure for running the application in production. Our day to day interactions with the team also saw us upskilling individuals on Software Craftsmanship techniques such as Test Driven Development (TDD) and Refactoring. Furthermore, we helped the Product Owner to improve the requirements and advised on project strategy. We supported the partner team in Bangalore to restructure their tests and establish a better Git workflow.


We built a strong and sustainable solution that has enabled Tesco to greatly increase their forecasting accuracy. We had a positive impact on the technical and professional development of the team.

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