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A Software Craftmanship mindset helped ASOS's teams to deliver value more frequently.

Our work

We helped ASOS to release higher quality software to production, more frequently, through the adoption of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices, within a DevOps culture.

The Project

The Challenge

ASOS were struggling to adapt their systems and to ensure performance during peak trading periods, e.g Black Friday. One of the key problems was a multi-stage, manual deployment process that required the coordination of multiple teams and manual testing.

In an effort to modernise and improve their IT capabilities, ASOS underwent an improvement program to improve their speed of change and rate of delivery. Central to this was the adoption of modern software development practices and techniques, particularly around Extreme Programming.


We helped by rapidly building and re-architecting some of their core systems, adding in levels of redundancy and caching that allowed them to cope with peak traffic. We also built fallover contingency libraries to implement cross-region disaster recovery and implemented cross-region high availability clusters.

The work was in .NET ASP.NET MVC with SQL Azure databases, hosted in Azure The site also employed some open source caching technologies such as Redis, to improve availability.

Whilst their existing development teams were already fairly established, particularly around Agile processes, we identified the need for these teams to be upskilled technical Agile practices. We implemented a large-scale Software Craftsmanship coaching program across their 40+ development teams, introducing or reinforcing key skills around Extreme Programming (XP), TDD, SOLID principles, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and encouraging a DevOps culture


ASOS has made significant steps along the road to Agile software development, adopting a host of new techniques rapidly. Iterations are more organized and ceremonies are delivering more value.

We improved the technical practices within the teams, enabling their teams to release higher-quality software to production more frequently.

ASOS continues to thrive and improve and we are proud of the help we provided while there We believe that ASOS's attitude and desire for growth and change aligned well with Codurance's expertise, coaching, and support, resulting in many enriching experiences for ASOS's staff.

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ASOS is the UK's largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer, with an average of over 55 million visits to their website each month.


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