Apprenticeship program

Our apprentices share our passion for creating well-crafted software, but have not yet had the suitable learning opportunities to refine their craft.

Become an Apprentice

How does it work?

The priority is for you to acquire the basic set of skills necessary to become recognised, as Software Craftsperson, by the rest of the company. You will choose a mentor from our craftspeople who will help understand your strengths and weaknesses based on the core skill sets needed.

How long does it last

Your mentor will guide you through your apprenticeship which we expect to be a maximum of 6 months. There is no formal exam at the end - when your mentor is convinced that you are ready, and can convince at least 3 other craftspeople as well, then you graduate.

What background do I need to have?

You are a productive developer in the language of your choice on the JVM, .NET, and/or Node JS platforms. You know of Agile processes and practices and can apply them and are looking to become an expert in reasoning about them. You have basic knowledge of micro level and macro level design.

Is this the programme for me?

If you have a passion for learning and are ready for a chance to learn technologies and practices needed to become a Software Craftsperson, under the guidance of a dedicated mentor, then we look forward to receiving your application.

Benefits we offer

Our product is our people. We firmly belive that your job and associated benefits should allow you to flourish both personally and professionally.

Learning and Development


You will choose a mentor, who will guide you throughout your apprenticeship.


No fixed training budget. So long as the course is relevant for the company and you'll do a lightning talk on the subject, we’re happy to pay for it.


Found something interesting to read that doesn’t already live in our office or digital library? We’ll cover book expenses - and ask to read it after you as well!


Internal Community of Experts

You’ll be working alongside Craftspeople who share your passion for learning, whether that’s on a client project or contributing to our internal projects.


All of our salaries and finances are available to everyone from day one. Nothing to hide here.


Got an idea? Form an Initiative Circle, take ownership, run with it and see it through to delivery.


Holidays & Flexibility

We offer 22 holiday days (increasing to 25 over time), in addition to national holidays. We’re also flexible with how our people manage their time.

Pensions & Income Protection

All covered, as standard. Incidentally, many of these came from Initiative Circles in our early days.

Life Cover & Private Medical

A ‘Lump Sum’ payment for life cover, and Dental cashback scheme for you and your children.

The Life of an Apprentice

Want to get a feel of what life as an apprentice is like? These blogs from our current and recent apprentices will show you what you can expect when you begin your journey with us.

Discovering Codurance...

Discovering Codurance...

Respect Every morning, Sandro shakes hands with everyone when he arrives at the office. Everyday, everyone. I haven’t seen something similar in any company I’ve worked in and it’s an...

My first year at Codurance...

My first year at Codurance...

I have always been able to deliver what was asked and I was able to understand and pick up new project quickly, but the code base I would work on would always grow into something...

Learning Specification...

Learning Specification...

I recently had the pleasure to attend Gojko Adzic’s “Specification by Example: From User Stories to Acceptance Test" training course … taught by Gojko himself! Having read his brilliant books:...

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