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How we grow?

Our people are our company and our product—our company grows as our people grow. The culture of learning is ingrained into our very core. Our fortnightly catchups are focused around learning from each other, and we run many internal sessions to build technologies expertise and hone our skills. We encourage and support each other to write blogs, record videos, organise community sessions, and present at conferences.

We are proud organisers of the London Software Craftsmanship community and SoCraTes UK. Our people have the opportunity to take an active part in its organisation and, through the community, meet many like-minded people in the UK and across Europe.

Our people

Our people have a very strong desire to master their software development skills, and support others in doing the same. Equally, our craftsmen are effective team members, committed to building the right software in the most effective way. We let our work speak for itself. We strive to constantly improve our selves, our team, and the projects we work in. Our craftsmen are pragmatic and understand that: knowing where to apply a particular approach is as important as knowing how to apply it.

We fully understand and embrace Agile processes and practices. We are skilled in practices such as TDD, Continuous Integration, Pair Programming, and Continuous Deployment.

Our knowledge of technology is broad across the company and deep within the individuals. We like the maturity of tools and APIs afforded by JVM and .NET platforms, and the flexibility of Node JS and Ruby. We understand the importance of well-crafted UX and UI, and hence, build our expertise in Wireframing, UI Design, as well as Web and Mobile frontends. Cloud platforms allow us to concentrate more on the business rather than the infrastructure. We understand the importance of Big Data and Data Science and keep ourselves up-to-date with the associated techniques and technologies. Our craftsmen cover a wide range of technologies including but not limited to: Java, C#, Javascript, Scala, Clojure, Ruby, F#, CSS, Objective C, Swift, Cassandra, Kafka, AWS, and Azure.

Apprentice-craftsmen Programme

We run the Apprentice-craftsmen Programme for people who share our passion for Software Craftsmanship but have not yet had the suitable learning opportunities. Each apprentice-crafts[wo]man selects a mentor, who will guide and support them during their apprenticeship. They work with their mentor, on a tailored programme of skill acquisition, culminating in graduating as a software crafts[wo]man. We avoid full-time client work for apprentice-craftsmen if we believe that it is not supporting their learning needs. The priority for them is to acquire the basic set of skills necessary to become recognised, as software crafts[wo]man, by the rest of the company. We regularly send our apprentice-craftsmen to training courses.

Joining Codurance

We are looking for Craftsmen and Apprentice-craftsmen to join us. In particular, we are looking for people who are dedicated to learning and teaching the skills essential for software craftsmanship.

Software Craftsmen

At this level we will expect you to have a solid understanding of at least one language and its ecosystem. You will have a good grasp of XP practices, DevOps, and a deep understanding of what makes good quality software. You have a good appreciation for software design at micro and macro level. You will understand Agile practices and can work effectively in a team. You can present your opinions and ideas in a clear, collaborative, and effective manner. You have a strong desire to build quality software, constantly improve yourself, and to help others do the same.


At this level we will expect that you are a productive developer in the language of your choice on the JVM, .NET, and/or Node JS platforms. You know of Agile processes and practices and can apply them and are looking to become an expert in reasoning about them. You have basic knowledge of micro level and macro level design. You have at least narrow experience of tools and technology, sufficient according to your current experience. You can communicate your ideas in a team setting and want to develop skills to convince others to your thinking. You have a strong desire to learn and hone your skills as an effective software developer. You like to teach as well as learn.

How to apply?

If you think Codurance is for you then email us at join-us@codurance.com and tell us your story. If you get stuck then here are some suggestions:

  • What does Software Craftsmanship mean to you?
  • What technologies and practices you are comfortable with?
  • What technologies and practices you are learning or would like to learn?
  • What books you loved or would love to read?
  • What communities you actively participate in?
  • What conferences, if any, you attend?
  • Are there any pet projects you are working on?
  • Have you contributed to open-source projects?

An up-to-date CV is always helpful. We also want links to your blogs, source repos, and any other media that well help us understand your professional side.