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You like to build well-crafted software, we do too!

We are looking for people who share the same values of Software Craftsmanship that we do. Whether you’re an experienced Craftsman or an aspiring Apprentice, we would love to hear from you.

Become a Craftsman

We are a company formed by craftswomen and craftsmen who care about the quality of the work we do.

What is important to us? We are looking for talented people who share our passion for writing well-crafted software and believe in the principles and values of Software Craftmanship, Exreme Programming and Agile software development. In addition, good communication skills, willingness to learn and work with different technology stacks, and confidence to express ideas are important.

What background do I need to have? You are a practitioner of Agile/Lean processes and Extreme Programming Practices, specifically TDD, CI, and Simple Design. Your prefer a DevOps culture and value Continuous Deployment/Delivery. You have appreciation for Software Design both at macro and micro levels and naturally follow Clean Code principles. You understand architectural concerns relating to performance, security, logging, monitoring, and operations. Good communication skills essential to our work.

What technolgies do we use? Currently, the three main technology platforms we use are JVM (Java, Clojure, Scala), .Net (C#, F#), and NodeJS. We use Amazon AWS or Azure as our preferred cloud solutions. We expect our Craftsmen to have a good grasp of front-end technologies based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Become an Apprentice

Our apprentices share our passion for creating well-crafted software, but have not yet had the suitable learning opportunities to refine their craft.

How does it work? The priority is for you to acquire the basic set of skills necessary to become recognised, as software craftsman, by the rest of the company. You will choose a mentor from our craftsmen who will help understand your strengths and weaknesses based on the core set. The mentor will guide you through your apprenticeship which we expect to be a maximum of 6 months. There is no exam in the end - when your mentor is convinced and can convince at least 3 other craftsmen then you graduate.

What background do I need to have? You are a productive developer in the language of your choice on the JVM, .NET, and/or Node JS platforms. You know of Agile processes and practices and can apply them and are looking to become an expert in reasoning about them. You have basic knowledge of micro level and macro level design.

Is this the programme for me? If you have a passion for learning and are ready for a chance to learn technologies and practices needed to become a Software Craftsman under the guidance of a dedicated mentor then we look forward to receiving your application.

Hiring process

We aim to keep our hiring process as straightforward and transparent as possible.

  • Telephone Interview

    30 minute call where we’ll get to know each other and to see what values we both share. It’s a two way conversation, and we want to understand if we may be a good fit for each other.

  • Coding Exercise

    We expect this to be completed within 1-2 weeks. In return, we commit to spending 2 hours reviewing your submission, providing detailed feedback on the strengths and potential areas for improvement.

  • Pair Programming

    Pair programming exercise which can be done in our office or remotely. This is done with one or two of our craftsmen.

  • Final Interview

    A final face-to-face or remote interview with our co-founders.

  • Offer

    We will send you the job offer, including the details for the benefits package and the contract.

We may skip or change the order of the steps depending on how much we know about each candidate. The only two steps that are always part of every selection process are pair-programming with one or more craftsmen and a final interview with the founders.