Alvaro Garcia

Alvaro is a software developer who firmly believes in the eXtreme Programming methodology. He's embarked on a lifelong learning process and is now in a symbiotic exchange process with the Barcelona Software Craftsmanship meetup, where he is a co-organizer.

He enjoys reading and reviewing technology books, providing feedback to the author whenever possible, to create the best experience for the final reader.

Alvaro has been working in the IT industry for product companies, consulting firms and as a freelancer since 2005.


Configuring Amazon Web Services (AWS) for using Lambda

During the [Software Craftsmanship and Testing conference UK](, [Mash][mash-twitter] run a session on [AWS Lambda][aws-lambda-info], with examples written in Java and python. Some other people also tried to do it in NodeJS. This session is [here][mash-post-1] The first part, mostly [accidental complexity][no-silver-bullet-summary], is how to...