Codurance announces official Redis Labs Partnership

06 May 2020

Codurance is pleased to announce its approval as an official Redis Labs Cloud, Services, and Software Partner. Redis Labs is the home of Redis, the world’s most popular in-memory database and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise. Our partnership will facilitate mutual business growth opportunities, create value driven by technical and commercial collaboration, and leverage our thought leadership compatibility.

The Redis Labs partnership aligns perfectly with Codurance’s approach of leveraging our deep knowledge of Cloud Solutions with our commitment to help clients increase business success through adopting modern software and process techniques.

By combining the power of Redis Labs’ Cloud Native Solutions with Codurance’s expertise in Professional Services, our clients can benefit from a faster, highly scalable, and successful implementation with greater access to expert advice and support.

To find out how Codurance can help you unlock the power of Redis and drive greater value within your organisation, please reach out to

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